Welcome to Smart Denny: a local energy awareness project.


SMART Denny is a new local grassroots charity with aims of reducing the energy use in the town, tackling fuel poverty and using energy as a catalyst for harnessing the collective power of the community to create a positive impact.


Our Objectives:

  • Promoting and supporting community-led action on climate change and carbon reduction – Promotion and awareness raising on informal collective action and collaboration at the local level and how these are fundamental to the management of natural resources in these communities
  • Build trust among community peers, through workshops and events, thus building social capital among community members and developing a social structure which encourages more altruistic behaviour.
  • Expand environmental-energy awareness by framing environmental problems at a level at which individuals have a personal, lived experience of the natural world – Drawing in wider expertise, schools, and other local groups.
  • Developing new community led initiatives that can help tackle fuel poverty.


In the first instance, we will focus on energy as a catalyst for change.

  1. Reduce proportion of household income spent on energy
  2. Raising awareness and education
  3. Reduce costs to individual households through education and awareness raising.
  4. Work to remove barriers for disadvantaged/marginalized groups.




  1. Offering engagement activities that educate and offer advice and support on energy use, billing and savings.
  2. Work collaboratively with the community via community engagement events to find ways to tackle fuel poverty – and reduce the energy use within the community.
  3. Work with community and local schools/churches/other groups to deliver projects on lowering carbon outputs and reducing energy use within homes.



  1. Tackling fuel poverty in local community.
  2. Education and knowledge sharing on efficient energy use
  3. Developing a community project that creates a sense of we-identity in residents by offering ways to come together to provide greater well-being for all.
  4. Reducing both energy costs and carbon impacts.
  5. We seek to better understand our community – not just through traditional means, such as surveys and focus groups but also through a variety of creative methods.

wheel of participation

We will

engage … listen … respect … share … learn … laugh … grow … overcome … walk… reflect … challenge … agree & disagree … laugh…. give voice … enable … gain confidence … and

                                                                 Imagine .



SMART Denny imagines lower energy costs & improved well-being for the people of Denny – but it also aims to make spaces for individuals to imagine ways in which they are willing to invest in collective activities, and be confident that others will also do so, and that these behaviours’ will result in increased collective action that have positive consequences for others.