Denny High School Poster Competition

winnign poster1

4th September 2018.

Out project leader spent some months in 2017 and 2018 with the STEM group pupils of Denny High School. During these sessions pupils learned about community energy projects and how lowering energy use in homes, and lowering carbon outputs not only benefits our purses, but impacts positively on the futures of our communities.

Pupils were given fact sheets showing simple ways of reducing energy use and costs in their homes, in addition to learning about much larger local energy projects.

In March this year, Smart Denny offered a poster competition to the pupils from the STEM group, asking them to design a poster for our charity. The poster was to incorporate the learning from the sessions, while also incorporating some of their own research. Pupils were asked to think about their audiences and to have a ‘person-centred’ focus.

SMART Denny Poster competition

Our Local MP John McNally offered a substantial donation so that Smart Denny could present gift vouchers to the winning poster. Smart Denny trustees felt that the any remaining money/vouchers be donated to the STEM group so that all pupils would benefit from the project.

Five judges were chosen from the local community:

  • Ethan Young (Smart Denny chair)
  • Mrs Proudlock (Denny High Teacher)
  • Fiona Collie (Local Councillor)
  • Lynne Belton (Local Community Worker: Deny Community Flat)
  • Louise Hay (DDCC)

We would like to offer our thanks to the judges. We had a great number of entries on the day, and we were all incredibly impressed by the hard work that all pupils from the STEM group. I am thankful I was not having to make the decision of which was the winning entry on the day.

In the end, the judges decided that the winning entry went to Kayla, Payton, Zoe and Jorja who all received a £10 gift voucher.

winnign poster
Winning poster by Kayla, Payton, Zoe & Jorja


The remaining £60 worth of vouchers were given to the STEM group so that they might purchase something which all group pupils can use.

The winning entry was then presented to Denny & District Community Council at their monthly meeting in June 2018. The girls were fabulous with their presentation. Runner up posters were also brought along by Mrs Gardner, (teacher of Math and STEM group).

winning presentation CC
Winning poster is presented to DDCC in June 2018


Both highly commended posters were also shown at the Community Council meeting.



As you can see from all the entries, the judges had a very difficult decision to make.



In addition to their colourful and artistic presentations, the pupils included some very useful information.

coulds of info frmo posters


We would like to say a huge ‘Thank-you’ to everyone involved in this poster competition, but especially to all the pupils who spent time learning about energy efficiency, and poster design.

Thanks also to our judges and the teachers from Denny High School, and to Mr John McNally MP for his generosity.

We look forward to working with the pupils from Denny High School again in the future.


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