Smart Denny first began to emerge around May 2017 when a few members of the local community began to meet and chat about the development of local energy projects in Scotland. 

By September 2017, we had begun to meet more formally and discuss the benefits of a local energy awareness project in the town of Denny and Dunipace. We deliberately allowed our progress to build slowly, so that we could discuss and understand the ways in which Denny differed from other communities, but also understand how other local projects in the community worked, and where our space might be within the town. By September 2018, we had our charity status and secured some funding to cover costs for admin/office supplies, events and LED bulbs for local householders.


We are a small team of local people, and our aim is to use energy as a catalyst for improving social cohesion ,and through engagement events, collaborate with residents to find ways to use energy more efficiently, reduce carbon outputs and save costs to families and household. 


We will work with the community to look at new ways to support individuals and families, so that our approach to energy saving goes well beyond individuals switching off devices.


We are interested in how decisions of the future are created in past and present opportunities, especially those traditionally without voice. This includes exploring:

·         Democratic decision making

·         Young peoples’ imagined futures

·         Place-making in post-industrial communities’ cities

·         Carbon outputs and environmental concerns

·         Expanding environmental awareness by framing environmental problems at a level at which individuals have a personal, lived experience of the natural world – Drawing in wider expertise, schools, and other local groups.


Our long-term future hopes are that we find ways of developing sustainable local energy generation in the community.


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