Meeting the community

On Saturday 23rd February we brought our Smart Denny project to the community with our first public event. The days and hours and weeks of preparation that go into making the day all of a sudden feel very worthwhile.
Denny High School STEM (@dennyhighSTEM) group pupils attended and facilitated the LED bulb table – giving away the FREE LED bulbs that we had purchased for community residents, while also providing visitors with invaluable information about the benefits of LED bulbs and ‘greener energy use’.
We had created an activity for the pupils which involved showing members of the public the savings (energy & cost) they can make from switching to LED light bulbs. Well done to all.. You were shining stars of the day!

Event photo 2 - Denny HIgh

Home Energy Scotland Strathclyde & Central also came along to talk about energy saving tips in the home, and their #usingwaterwisely project..

Also present were Forth Valley Communities for Conservation, who talked to visitors about collaborating with  us at Smart Denny on delivering a Good Fuel session in the community.

Event photo 1- HES

Kids visiting weren’t left out, and they had lots of fun solving word searches and showing their creative talents with HES colouring books… Cakes and juice on the day also brought smiles to faces.. and thanks have to go to Smart Denny family members for providing the home baking and constant flows of teas and coffees.

We also asked for your views on things like climate change, lowering carbon outputs & community impact, and energy saving.. Thanks to all who engaged.. Your voices are important to us.


Event photo 2 - climate change

Event photo 4 -collage mix

It’s fair to say that we had a steady flow of visitors, all who left with handfuls of freebies, and a great deal of  knowledgeable about energy savings.

“Really enjoyed the tablet and cakes!! Oh and the knowledge gained at the stalls was excellent and informative. congratulations all.”

“It was a great wee event!!”

“The pupils were terrific.. what a great event!”

“I’m so glad I came.. I feel much more informed.. Thanks for the lightbulbs – these are fantastic.. and they’re so bright.. Fabulous!”


Thank you to all who came… Until next time.
Smart Denny



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